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 The Enduring Chrysanthemum

music by Việt Cường
lyrics by Vương Ngọc Long


I carry the burden of misery,
hearing autumn’s voice approach silently…
The feeling of remorse brings much sorrow
when I left my homeland a lifetime ago…
I dream, envisioning our old village,
reminding me of being home at a tender age…
I see the yellow chrysanthemum at long last,
I wish to send a message which it can carry to the past…
The flower shines in the coldness of frost,
its style and its character are never lost…
Blooming proudly presenting its beautiful color,
against autumn’s harsh weather it doesn’t wither…
While there, father made sure that the chrysanthemum
was well cared…
I am now a stranger, but in my heart I will always remember…



Chrysanthemum final1b


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