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Nhạc: Mai Ðức Vinh
Tình Ca Mai Ðức Vinh
Phổ Thơ Vương Ngọc Long
Nhạc Nguyễn Đăng Tuấn
Thơ Vương Ngọc Long
Nhạc: MaiĐứcVinh, HuỳnhCôngTrứ, LêMạnhTrùy, MinhThao, PhạmAnhDũng, NguyễnTuấn.
Hải Đà-Vương Ngọc Long
Nhạc Mai Đức Vinh
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 music by Việt Cường
 lyrics by Vương Ngọc Long
 hòa âm Quang Đạt
 ca sĩ Tố Hà

Thousand years and thousand years
 The sun sleeps in the West, stars always appear
 Thousand years and thousand years
 I will always love you, it's fate, my dear

 My everlasting love for you is like a stream
 The loving water flows forever it seems
 Just like the rivers should flow to the ocean just as God deems
 Can anyone know of such a love? Only in their dreams

 The love's stream still passionately flows…
The eternal love like the scintillating stars endlessly glow
 The phrase "thousand years" ; what does it show?
 That I will always love, don't you know?

 Even the love, gone with the wind, higher and higher
 Waiting for your love I will never tire
 Still kept in my soul, my immortal desire
 I'll always love you, my passion burns like fire

 The years quickly go, time never stays
 My body will eventually fade away
 If my life goes on forever, wherever, hear what I say :
 "Like a bird's shadow I'll follow you, no matter which way."

 The net of love, please never forget
 For my love for you, I'll never regret
 In incessant rain or as the sun sets
 My darling, I'll love you stronger than we first met

 That thousand years still one lovely stream
 Rising from the East, the sun's beams
 And the love still shines like a diamond's gleam
 My sweetheart, do you remember? This is no dream.






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Nhạc: MaiĐứcVinh,HuỳnhCôngTrứ, LêMạnhTrùy,MinhThao, PhạmAnhDũng,NguyễnTuấn.
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